The year that was 2016

How has your first week of 2017 been? Were you, like so many people on social media, bursting to leave 2016 behind?

While it was a polarising year, I can’t complain as I spent the first 8 months of it travelling the world. There were certainly challenges, but the good overwhelmingly outweighed the bad. Here’s what happened:


We rang in the new year in a small town on a Brazilian island called Bara de Lagoa. While dodging firecrackers exploding around us on the beach, we wore white and jumped over 7 waves as per Brazilian tradition.


Barra de Lagoa, Brazil


In Feb I blogged about Colombia, it’s beauty and what it was like to be violently mugged there.


Near Casa en al Agua, Colombia


In March I fell in love with Mexico and the cenotes (sink holes) around Tulum.


Cenote Zacil Ha


In April I blogged about snorkeling with stingrays, eels and sharks in Belize the month before.


Snorkelling in Belize 


In May I blogged about what an amazing/crazy experience travelling to Cuba was.


Travelling in a vintage car in Cuba


In June we explored the Emerald Isle and I struggled to understand Irish accents.


In Ireland


In July two amazing people got married in Scotland and I was so proud of them.


Lauren, Lecki and I


In August I celebrated my birthday with a rather interesting sailing experience in Greece.


In Tinos, Greece


In September we hiked to the highest point on an Italian island called Ischia and discovered what a hidden gem Albania is.


On Ischia

The last stop on our trip was a Roman Reunion with some of my favourite people.

October, November, December

It seems cruel to lump all these months in together, but there really is no single photo the encapsulates arriving home after 16 months of travelling, the endless job applications and searching for a home!

Well I found a job, and a home which we’ve since had to move out of! We literally moved this morning. There have been ups and downs but I learnt the truth about returning home after travelling and reflected on the worst moments from our trip.


December with family in Point Roadknight, Victoria, Australia

Wishing you all the best for 2017 and thank you for reading xx


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1 Response to The year that was 2016

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Home is still one of the most popular travel destinations! With friends, family and the amenities around it sure is one of the best. And who said it was that bad to be in a wonder 9-5 yet go on a journey once in a while?

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