Incredible Edinburgh and a Scottish wedding

For our entire trip, the spiel about our travel plans always ended a bit like this “… and then we go to Scotland for our friends’ wedding”. So you can imagine the excitement and the anticipation leading up to the moment when we actually arrived in Edinburgh a week before the Big Day.

Firstly, seeing our friends from Kalgoorlie was completely surreal and amazing. I got to meet the daughter of one of my closest friends who was born shortly after we left Australia. We got to sit down and drink pints like it was the good old days only with a much, much more impressive setting (sorry Kal!). And most importantly, we were all there to celebrate the love of two of our close friends who had been waiting for same sex marriage to be legalised in Australia, but understandably, got sick of the wait.

So there we all were, in this ancient place ahead of this monumental day. I tried to soak up as much of the city as possible, but I was slightly distracted. Still, Edinburgh is just jaw-dropping, oozing with history and movie-set vistas around every corner.


Edinburgh Castle


A small slice of the Kal Crew, including two new members!

We spent most of our week walking around the Royal mile, but we also went to the Scottish Museum (the views from the top are amazing), went inside the Castle and did a walking tour. Oh and went to a lot of pubs.


The view from the Museum roof



The Grass Market area


A ladies high tea ahead of the wedding


The weather was just plain awful for most of our stay, but occasionally the clouds parted (if only for an hour) and it was magical.



One of the Castle’s cannons



The view from Arthur’s Seat, Andrew hiked up there while I slept in


After Edinburgh it was off to Falkirk for the wedding.


We hired a kilt for Andrew the day before and although I’m biased, I think he looks rather dashing. My outfit came together two days before the wedding with a top from Zara, a skirt from Oasis and a bag and pair of shoes I had tucked away in my suitcase.

As the self appointed videographer and enthusiastic unofficial photographer for the day I snapped a million photos and many hours of footage #digitalhoarder


It was a beautiful, fun ceremony and seeing two people you know deserve to be married finally get to do so is pretty emotional!

After entrees we headed outside for an impromptu photo shoot, which included a few bums-under-kilts shots I will spare you the trauma of witnessing.

DSCN2932 DSCN2925

Oh and a quick word about the food; it was incredible! Below is my haggis entree. I’m a huge haggis fan as long as I don’t think about how it’s made. My main course came with three kinds of potato! I almost needed a little lie down afterwards.

DSCN2885 DSCN2913 DSCN2920

We danced the night away to a DJ who grew amusingly tired of my constant tips and song requests. Such an excellent day and Andrew and I both felt so honoured to be part of it.

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3 Responses to Incredible Edinburgh and a Scottish wedding

  1. Lauren C-H says:

    Yay! Miss you again xxx

  2. Patrick says:

    Bec, My brother in law is a Scot and he got married in a kilt with his family tartan. I recommend that when you and Andrew tie the not that he does as well. You are right he and the others in their kilts cut a dashing figure. Great photos as well by the way.

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