A very London sunset


Upon our return to London after the Scottish wedding we pushed our way out of the stuffy tube station, dragging our battered bags behind us. After a brief disagreement with the ticket barriers we made our way into the fresh air and saw the beginning of a spectacular sunset. Covered in a sheen of that particularly sticky kind of sweat that only comes from dragging suitcases around stations the fading light brought a smile to my tired face.

Not content to miss out on the colours Andrew left me and the bags on the front door step and tore off, camera in hand, towards the Thames. He snapped these wonderful shots with some very English landmarks lurking beneath the breathtaking sky.

A lesson in why you should always run towards a sunset, no matter how sweaty or tired.


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4 Responses to A very London sunset

  1. APlaceWeLike says:

    Great shots ! I’m also trying my hand at photography in London, check it out if you like 😊

  2. danniijane says:

    Beautiful photo of the sunset x

  3. KT Marie says:

    Not only incredibly beautiful photos, but a great little read to go with it 🙂

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