The top 5 worst moments from our trip

I’m not big on negativity but I am big on honesty. And honestly, travel (like life in general) isn’t always a barrel of laughs. If I’m ever missing travelling remembering these moments helps ease the wanderlust.

1 Getting mugged in Colombia 


Documenting my cuts

Hands down, easily, 100% number one. You can read all about it here.

2 Stepping down the 10 billionth stone step on day 2 of the Inca Trail


My face says it all… Not sure what that outfit is saying…

Truly the end of my brief affection for hiking. Cannot describe the pain in my knees at this moment! Also it had been two days without a shower at this point.

3 Leaving my Kindle on a plane


My Kindle and I during happier times in Brazil

I can still barely talk about this I’m so devastated. That thing survived a year in the Americas and then got swallowed up by a Ryan Air plane seat between London and Dublin.

4 Pulling hair out of every single meal in Bolivia


A market in La Paz

I’m willing to admit I’m prone to exaggeration but seriously… Ew. Almost every meal. By the end of our time in Bolivia I was pretty much subsisting on tubes of Pringles and cheap red wine.

5 Getting majorly ripped off by a taxi driver in Costa Rica


Costa bloody Rica

About $US100. The guy was such a jerk. Seriously a bad start to our time there.

I haven’t even mentioned the number of gross squat toilets, squalid dorm rooms and filthy roommates we encountered! Feel free to refer to this list if you’re having a bad day at work, I know I will!

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