Do you dine alone? 

I live in a place surrounded by restaurants and cafes, which is glorious. I also sometimes work odd hours so decide randomly to dine out on a Thursday morning or super late on a Monday which means I go alone.

I actually love it.

Company is great but occasionally it’s nice to read a paper, stare at my phone or off into the distance without feeling rude. It’s kind of a controversial topic and there’s a surprising amount of articles on the subject; tips for dining out alone (?!) and recommendations for good solo dining spots. Who’d have the topic would inspire so much literature…

One of my recent midweek brunches took place at Three Bags Full in Abbotsford, which is a stupidly short walk for me.

I had the ricotta hotcake with orange infused marscapone, pears, strawberries, lemon verbena and crystallized white chocolate. It was insanely good.

But huge. I didn’t stand a chance of finishing. I guess that’s when it’s good to have company with a big appetite.

A few nights later I ducked out for another solo dining session. This time for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. I slurped away at my noodle soup while scrolling through instagram. So indulgent. Do you dine alone?

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9 Responses to Do you dine alone? 

  1. So funny you blogged about this now, because I was just discussing this topic with friends this week! I dined alone when I traveled alone, but I haven’t really done it in “real life.” I guess that’s a challenge for 2017! Though I’d be dining alone right now if I could get that ricotta hotcake!

  2. Angela Ng says:

    I definitely enjoy an occasional dine by myself.. I love it! Although I get the sense sometimes that a few judge me as being some type of a social freak for doing that lol.. in reality, it’s refreshing to be able to enjoy your own company.

    • Bec says:

      Absolutely! I think it’s probably only a thing you notice about yourself, whereas other diners are probably too wrapped up in their own dinners/worlds to notice you.

  3. Laura says:

    I LOVE Three Bags Full. Also, I wish I was the kind of person who can dine alone..but I just can’t! Unless I’m in an airport or something, I just find that I don’t know where to look haha.

    • Bec says:

      Haha I get what you mean! I find myself kind of scanning the restaurant with a defiant look on my face, daring someone to give me a judgy look! And no one has yet!

  4. Megan Denton says:

    I didn’t… until I moved to Paris on my own. I was so sick of eating at home because I was scared of eating out by myself, more because I didn’t speak French haha. But it was so liberating once I did it! Now I couldn’t care less!!!

  5. Jey says:

    I dine alone when I travel alone actually! It’s not too bad, plus I don’t need to be surrounded by the same people all the time. When you dine alone changes are bigger that you’d meet new people and start new and fresh convos. 😉Your food looks beautiful btw. Gosh I’m such a foodie!😅🍛🍝🍗🍖🍛🍤🐟🍴🍳

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