Take me to Tasmania! Reasons to wander further than Hobart…

I love Hobart, but us mainlanders seem to have a habit of not venturing past the state capital. A few more adventurous souls have made it to Cradle Mountain, maybe stopping in at Launceston. But there is so much more to be found in the north; cheese, wine, chocolate and even non edible things like rolling green hills:


How is this real?

Andrew and I flew down to the Apple Isle a few weeks ago for a wedding. We spent our first night at his family home near Deloraine. Being from the city I get such a kick out of being surrounded by horses and cows.



And it looks like this horse got a kick out of our company too:



Reminds me of the photo of the yelling donkey I took in Ireland!

The next day, following an evening of cheese, wine and some hilariously competitive card playing we headed to central Tasmania for the wedding. Along the windy drive through mountains we passed brilliant blue hydro lakes:


We had accommodation on the grounds of the venue, which was once a hydro town, for the night before and night after the wedding. We had the Blue House, which slept eight and quickly became known as the party house. I drank so much water (in between wines) on Friday night, in a desperate bid to feel fine the next day and it worked! Huzzah.

Unfortunately the weather was less than perfect and the ceremony was held indoors, but it was still so lovely. I love that couples mostly write their own vowels nowadays and include quirky anecdotes and mention things like their pets, so sweet!


In the chapel

I do have lots of photos of other people, but seeing as Andrew’s mates aren’t as used to being paraded around on this blog as mine (my blog and I are a package deal! they love it) I’ll leave them out of it. Instead, here’s way too many photos of Andrew and I posing in various locations!

dscn4792 dscn4790


A reminder of why it’s always good to get peoples’ feet in the frame!


I know people throw around the expression ‘we danced the night away’ a lot, but we literally did. I was sore the next day! A big shout out to Will who twirled and dipped me about a million times without dropping me.

The Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool came on and as per usual, all the guys dropped their trousers and just stood around in their undies (trousers at their ankles) until the song finished… Did you know that’s a thing?! I only learnt of the ‘Eagle Rock pant drop’ when I moved to Kalgoorlie in 2011 but apparently it originated at a university in Queensland?! Popular radio hosts Hamish & Andy were talking about it the other day because they had only just found out it was a thing! The pant drop is even mentioned in the Eagle Rock Wikipedia page.

Small poll: have you witnessed the Eagle Rock pant drop? If so, where? It’s a very Australian phenomenon for sure, perhaps a rural thing. I took a photo but I won’t confront you with it.


The Blue House

Anyway, trousers returned to their rightful positions at the end of the song and we partied on.

On Sunday, with very little sleep we made our way back to Launceston to fly home. Such a wonderful weekend. Have you been to Tasmania?

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8 Responses to Take me to Tasmania! Reasons to wander further than Hobart…

  1. courtalkek says:

    I love Tassie! Never heard of this Eagle Rock business but sounds quite entertaining.

  2. Laura says:

    I loved Hobart and the surrounding area, but wish we could have had more time to explore the rest of the state while we were there! Also, I’ve never heard of the Eagle Rock pants-drop but a friend of mine went to a small college where the guys dropped their pants during the last song before the bar closed on the weekends. Didn’t know it was a thing anywhere else!! haha.

    • Bec says:

      Haha oh it’s definitely a thing in regional Australia I reckon! Typical student thing to do, but apparently some guys just can’t lose the habit!

  3. Miriam @londonkitchendiaries says:

    This looks like a lovely trip – gorgeous photos!


  4. Steph says:

    Hey Bec, love your wedding outfit colour combo!
    I’ve been to tassie twice for family road trips as a teen (drove from bottom to top each time but a different coast), and twice since!! You could say I’m an addict… but honestly there’s so much beauty to see you’d never get sick of it.
    Oh and I have totally heard of the eagle rock pants drop here in Perth! Saw it at a wedding last year! Maybe it’s a bogan WA/QLD thing? Haha


  5. marls2017 says:

    Glad you loved the place…….its pretty special

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