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Things I do aside from travel

Before we embarked on this trip (over 8 months ago!) my blog featured a bit of everything from car crashes and sunrises, to absurd cheesecake recipes, to fancy balls and outback rodeos, to asking what you had for breakfast (a weirdly … Continue reading

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What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?

It occurred to me as I was sitting on a tour bus last week watching the Peruvian countryside flash past; I’m currently in the longest stretch of joblessness I’ve had since I my first job at 14. My last day of … Continue reading

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I got nothin’

Oh hi. Remember me? It’s been a while, this I what I look like: I have nothing of interest to blog about at the moment, perhaps you’ve noticed? The dreaded bloggers’ block. After the initial excitement of resigning at work … Continue reading

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5 tips for successfully selling your old stuff

With the Big Trip coming up with alarming speed I’ve been squirreling away money for a while now. I have managed to save about $10,000  in the few months since December. Part of that has come from selling my belongings (although to … Continue reading

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A very teal Wednesday

I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated to blog lately. It’s probably due to the fact that a) nothing exciting is happening and b) I’m no longer surrounded by the epic natural beauty that is Esperance and thus I have nothing spectacular … Continue reading

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Lazy days

I haven’t taken any holidays over the Christmas New Year period, but copious public holidays have allowed for some delightfully lazy days. Although they have done nothing to quash my social media induced beach holiday envy. Anyway. Have baked: A … Continue reading

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What’s inside your fridge?

I took this photo of my fridge yesterday: Not shown: a bag of dead lettuce in the crisper and a container of moldy cheese. And probably a jar of jalapenos. I can’t live without them. I’m so out of practice … Continue reading

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An average Wednesday night

Good evening. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Lady Shadow: My neighbours have entrusted me with feeding her until they return. Until I was tasked with dishing out a can of Fancy Feast every evening, Lady Shadow wanted … Continue reading

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Hey, YOU!

Do you have a blog? Or read a really great blog? If so pleeeease put a link in the comments below, I’m desperate for some new reading material. I like blogs about everything, but not about too much of one … Continue reading

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Catch Up

Where have I been? For someone who secretly vowed to blog more frequently I certainly haven’t been keeping my (silent) word. The last time I was here I was boasting about my escapades with my heart rate monitor and all … Continue reading

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