I got nothin’

Oh hi. Remember me? It’s been a while, this I what I look like:


It was windy yesterday

I have nothing of interest to blog about at the moment, perhaps you’ve noticed? The dreaded bloggers’ block.

After the initial excitement of resigning at work and finally being able to tell people about The Big Trip, I’ve fallen back into the mundane of every day living and travel is still a very long 5 weeks away.  Someone told me it’s much harder to keep going when you can see the finish line, which is so true.

So here’s an update of all the truly mundane things (feel free to switch off now):

Irresponsible dieting (Mum don’t read this)

I have a ball to attend on Saturday night and two weeks ago this occurred to me:

I still had not got around to settling back into a reasonable diet and exercise routine after the so-called silly season. So I’ve had no choice but to employ a rather unorthodox (read: stupid) diet in order to fit into my dress. I do not recommend this. I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest’s most tantalising baked good recipes, praying for next week to come…


So it appears I am the last person on earth to discover House of Cards, but what of it? It’s an excellent show. I actually asked my boyfriend if we should visit Gaffney when we’re in the States, just so we can see Frank’s electorate. But we have no plans to go to South Carolina, so we won’t be doing that. Also apparently the giant peachoid isn’t there anymore. Sad.

The peachoid in all its glory

Saving money

Is there anything more exciting, more sexy than saving money? I doubt it. I’m still behaving like a Scrooge of the highest order, but I’m used to it now. I no longer feel wracked with guilt saying no to an overpriced pub meal. So that’s good.


100% up to date with the washing, you will no doubt be pleased to hear. As for other household matters, we have a rental inspection on Monday and unfortunately our backyard looks like a cornfield that had a recent encounter with a spaceship thanks to the pool we had and loved… So it will be interesting to see how that pans out…


In slightly more exciting news we have begun to plan our South American adventures, but have found flights from LAX to Lima, Peru to have perplexing and long layovers in strange places. Like Boston?! Back to the drawing board.

Tell me the most boring thing about your life at the moment?

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6 Responses to I got nothin’

  1. Ben Fox says:

    On the home straight now Bec, just keep saying ‘no’ to those overpriced and oversized Kalgoorlie pub meals we know and don’t love.

    My latest news – a gum tree I planted at my house two years ago is now three metres high. See, things really do change fast around here.

    • Bec says:

      Oh Ben, what I wouldn’t give for an overpriced pub meal containing a mountain of fries and a badly overcooked steak drowning in creamy garlic sauce right now… Good news about your gum tree! How’s the leg going though?

  2. Well it now seems I am officially the last person to watch House of Cards. Worth it? I keep saying I’ll start but it’s the one show I’ve effectively put off now for years. Don’t you love the statement in January “I’m going to get fit” then winter comes and you change to “I’m going to get fit by summer!”. Enjoy the travel planning…. your big trip is just around the Easter corner!

    Megan || http://www.ohheyblog.com

    • Bec says:

      I’ve coined a new one ‘Get your keister ready for Easter!’ it might catch on… House of Cards is great, but if you already have plenty of television on your plate at the moment it’s not a must. Watching it is making me excited for the US, so that’s why I’m particularly keen.

  3. courtalkek says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your boring life updates! I need to learn to be more of a Scrooge so we can save money for Asia we keep talking about but make no plans for. I can’t wait for you to begin your adventure!

    • Bec says:

      I can’t wait either! SO excited for Texas. What are your plans for Asia? You will have an amazing time, and it’s so affordable to holiday there.

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