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Farewelling Summer

I’m feeling more than the usual amount of back-to-work blues at the end of this long weekend. It seems ridiculous saying this as temperatures of up to 36 degrees are forecast for later this week, but it feels like the … Continue reading

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Good old fashioned family fun

Last weekend I attended not one, but two, parental parties. The first was my Dad’s 60th. Before everyone arrived we tried to get some nice family shots and actually managed a couple with all eyes open and no mouths in … Continue reading

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A breakup, a break down and a mini break

Sorry for the silence. I got broken up with, which sucks. Especially when you love someone. Especially when you’ve tried everything (to the point of exhaustion) to make it work. Especially 5 days before Valentines Day. Oh well. To quote … Continue reading

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Australia Day Weekend Wrap

Instalment three of Project Mini Break (also known as three weekends at the beach in a row) wrapped up on Monday after the Australia Day long weekend in Hopetoun. Hopetoun is a tiny spec on the WA south coast 160km … Continue reading

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Sunday night catch up

So I’m in this play. It’s an Australian classic called Don’s Party set on the night of the federal election in 1969. Because of the era I get to spruce up my hair, wear a hideously patterned mini dress and … Continue reading

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Beaten Track Brewery

Kalgoorlie isn’t known for its ’boutique’ anything; shops, hotels, breweries. But in the backstreets of Boulder is a hidden gem known as the Beaten Track Brewery. All the beers are brewed on site and the place looks like it would … Continue reading

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Lately: food and friends

I went to a EuroVision party. Aaron made a rainbow vodka jelly cake using one and a half bottles of paint stripper vodka: Karen made Obložené chlebíčky: I made apfel strudel for the first time ever, winged it and totally … Continue reading

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Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

Well, we didn’t actually eat any peaches but we did eat a lot. On Good Friday I flew to Melbourne, was picked up by my sister and after accidentally heading towards Bendigo for a while we made it back on … Continue reading

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Cyclones and signs

I have been looking forward to heading to the beach this weekend for approximately two months. The thought of diving under waves at blissful Twilight beach has been getting me through hot days and nights in this dust bowl. So, … Continue reading

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Have fringe, will celebrate

I didn’t chicken-out! Apologies for the constant grainy instagram pics. Josh from iiNet said the internet connection should be up and running by Friday. Don’t let me down Josh. When it’s all reconnected I will be able to attach decent photographs to … Continue reading

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