Lately: food and friends

I went to a EuroVision party.



Aaron made a rainbow vodka jelly cake using one and a half bottles of paint stripper vodka:


Karen made Obložené chlebíčky:


I made apfel strudel for the first time ever, winged it and totally nailed it:


Lauren made pahklava, not to be confused with baklava:


Moustachioed Molly made macarons:


And Dave brought a lot of alcohol:


True to my style I took more photos of food and only a few crappy photos of people. It was a great night though.

The next day I got to hang out with these two hunks:


On the left is Jordan, the guy to whom my Mother thought I was romantically linked (awks). Kadn is on the right.

We sat in our ugly sparse courtyard and ate dips and drank beers until we got cold.


Jordan snapped this photo of me post run, with no make up on. Check out that wilted hair. Winner.


That night I roasted a chunk of beef that Elly’s boyfriend Sam won in a silent auction (it’s a long story…).


Perfection. We took the roast and trimmings to Mike & Claire’s.


^ Who needs a panoramic camera?!


Mike and Claire made nachos and we ate and ate and ate while new puppy Bear slept:


I’m still devising a plan to steal Bear without them noticing. An ace weekend.

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