Redemption baking: cauliflower and broccoli pies

These pies have turned out to be an ongoing saga.

Firstly, I told you about The Greatest Most Delicious Pie in the World that can only be bought from a bakery in Esperance and how I had promised to make one for my friend Jordan. Then I posted my version of said pie which was delicious albeit a little messy (but Jordan wasn’t around to sample it).

So weekend before last I went back to the drawing board, decided a smaller pie would better maintain its structural integrity. I went forth, and baked. And Jordan was there.


I followed exactly the same recipe and method as last time, just on a smaller scale and I added a lid to the pie (and pastry initials, which I believe are legally required when baking with pastry).

What transpired was (I believe) the greatest success in the history of pie baking:





I solemnly swear never to blog about these pies again.

In fact I’m headed to Esperance this weekend and I’m not sure I’ll even be able to step into the bakery.

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4 Responses to Redemption baking: cauliflower and broccoli pies

  1. Hannah says:

    Dear lordy I really need to bake these.

  2. Those pies look so good! Nice work!

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