Beaten Track Brewery


Kalgoorlie isn’t known for its ’boutique’ anything; shops, hotels, breweries. But in the backstreets of Boulder is a hidden gem known as the Beaten Track Brewery. All the beers are brewed on site and the place looks like it would be more at home in Margaret River or the Yarra Valley. Except it isn’t in either of those places, it’s here, which is a bonus for us!

Last weekend we made the long drive from Kalgoorlie to Boulder (about 6km) to do a tasting. One one side of the table, the blond team:


On the other, the brunettes:


Not really, we were all on the same team. Team beer. Cheers!


We sampled seven beers each, some dark, some light, some fruity, some… not so fruity. As you can tell I’m a real beer connoisseur. They all tasted great! That’s all that matters to me.


The owner Nick, on the other hand, knows all there is to know about beer. He told us how each one was brewed, about the hops et cetera. In between beers we laughed, chatted and shared a hilarious video of Elly singing:


Claire really has the most delightfully expressive face.




Be sure to pay a visit if you happen to be in Kalgoorlie. If you let Nick know that you want food more than 24 hours in advance he bakes amazing bread for you to have with dips and olives. Rejoice!

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