Nullarbor Muster 2014

I am exhausted, everything I own is encrusted with red mud and I’m losing my voice. So all in all it was a successful Muster.

Someone had the gall to ask why I went to the Muster ‘AGAIN’ this year… Because it’s pretty much my most favourite thing ever, that’s why.

What’s not to love about spending your days watching horses, bucking bulls and arm wrestling with a cold beer in hand followed by dancing the nights away in dusty jeans, flannelette shirts and cowboy hats in a tin shed? And then stumbling blindly across rocky and spiky ground back to a tent you’re fairly certain is yours under a huge sky full of stars? Nothing I say.

I wish the Muster was on again next weekend. Well maybe the weekend after, I need more than one week’s recovery time.

nullarbor muster 2014 053

nullarbor muster 2014 037

Pretty certain this is the most bogan photo of me in existence.

nullarbor muster 2014 038

nullarbor muster 2014 010

nullarbor muster 2014 060

As per usual we were the most under prepared, least equipped group at the Muster. We arrived with a completely flat tire which was patched up by the lovely guys who rescued us after our car accident at the 2012 Muster. On the last night some charming pranksters let down two of the tires on the car and again we were helped out by decent people and their air compressor.

Note our selection of high quality $49 Kmart tents:

nullarbor muster 2014 061

nullarbor muster 2014 062

nullarbor muster 2014 065

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad sunset on the edge of the Nullarbor.

nullarbor muster 2014 070

nullarbor muster 2014 111

nullarbor muster 2014 085

nullarbor muster 2014 124

That’s the tin shed.

nullarbor muster 2014 136

WA’s finest.

nullarbor muster 2014 137

Those outrageously large cowboy head cut outs. Love them.

The Muster takes place 400km inland from Kalgoorlie at a tiny ‘town’ called Rawlinna, population 2 or 3.

nullarbor muster 2014 143


If you’re wondering if I looked this average all weekend the answer is yes.

That’s all I can write for now. I am so fatigued. But seriously, it was amazing. There are so many stories I could tell, many of them not really fit for blogging about. But yeah. Good times.

How was your weekend?

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5 Responses to Nullarbor Muster 2014

  1. Looks like soooo much fun!!

  2. This sounds awesome!!!
    I’d love any excuse to escape the city and this cowboy/beer/tent combo is totally up my street 😀
    Can’t wait for the next installment
    x x

    • Bec says:

      You should come next year Ibbs! The only downfall is the harrowing drive. My friends had a rollover and the car is wrecked 😦 But everyone is fine thank goodness xx

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