The kindness of strangers

Over the weekend my fellow journos Kara, Gloria and I headed to Rawlinna (just over 1000 kilometres east of Perth) for the annual Nullarbor Muster. It’s a big rodeo on the edge of the Nullarbor (aka the middle of nowhere) and getting there involves a long drive along the unsealed Trans Access Road.

After we arrived we realised we had not one but two flat tyres. Thankfully this was quickly remedied by some helpful Muster-goers. We thought our dramas were over but the next day we had a car accident which left our car un-drivable. Thankfully no one was hurt.

I was blown away by all the people who stopped to help. The man who moved the car off the road and disconnected the engine. The woman who comforted me through my shock-induced rage. And the people who gave us water and offered up their food.

We made it back to Kalgoorlie thanks to a convey of cowboys we befriended the day before. They unloaded our car, loaded our stuff into their utes and off we went.

People are amazing.

Despite the car trouble the Muster was such an amazing experience.

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5 Responses to The kindness of strangers

  1. Adrienne says:

    Seriously, them kind of farm boys are my kind of farm boy. Drooling at the thought cause I know exactly the type … I’m a sucker for them jeans boots and shirts with those dirty akubras And not to mention THEY ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! The sense of community out there is so great – had this of happened in the city or even a regional area the chances of someone pulling over to offer you a ride home or some food or comfort – slim to none … so glad you and your collegues are okay xxxx

    • jade says:

      Hey girls. We saw the tow truck heading for you’s on our way back so thankful that you were all ok. We couldn’t leave you with only 1L of water not out that heat. Hope your all feeling ok. Take care


      • Bec says:

        Hello! Thank you so much for stopping and for the water Jade, it was so so kind of you (even if you don’t agree!). I’m amazed (and glad) you found this blog post 🙂

  2. lesley says:

    Hi was wondering if anyone had a really good photo of the Jester the clown that was in the ring with the bulls as he is a friend of mine my email is and as i was not able to make was wondering like i said about photo’s have looked on the internet as well as googled but not much comes up cheers lesley

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