A selection of things that have been occupying my time:

Watching (very belatedly) the most recent season of Younger. The clothes on that show! So fabulous. I’m inspired to start an outlandish necklace collection like Diana. I’m also trying to get back into Crazy Ex Girlfriend so I can finish the series. Don’t let the terrible title fool you, it’s an utterly excellent and cleverly written musical comedy that does not disappoint.

Eating as healthily as possible… but on the weekend my friend-since-high-school Claire assembled the most incredible cheese platter for two (above). We sat on the couch and feasted while stalking some of our favourite Instagram accounts, projected on the TV for easy shared viewing. Definitely the highlight of the weekend!

Listening to The High Low podcast. It’s been sitting in my app for years (literally) and I just started binge-listening on the weekend as I cleaned our apartment. Hosts Pandora and Dolly discuss current affairs and popular culture with the most amazing vocabularies, it makes me want to read the dictionary. I also burnt through true crime podcast The Thing About Pam, which was fascinating.

Loving using our apartment-friendly compost bucket. Food scraps that are put in the bin end up in landfill and produce methane, a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide. So being able to compost and get food out of our bin is awesome. We also get to use the liquid from the bucket as a natural plant fertiliser.

Wishing for a new adventure somewhere exotic. We are being responsible and saving pennies ahead of The Most Expensive Day of Our Lives (aka the wedding). I have to say it’s super boring. Major first world problem. My eyes need an unfamiliar scene to feast on.

Wondering about celebrity lookalikes and doppelgangers. Last night a colleague told me I was a dead-ringer for Maddie from the show Nashville, I had to google her and… I just look nothing like her! It’s so interesting how people perceive other people versus how we perceive ourselves.

Enjoying the warmer spring weather. A bit of sunshine does wonders for my mood.

Buying I just purchased my bridesmaid’s dress for a close friend’s wedding in December! Can’t wait.

Reading As always, I’m addicted to Refinery 29’s Money Diaries. Each one details a week of spending by an anonymous woman somewhere in the world, usually the US. It’s a fascinating insight into the fiscal habits of others and the comments section goes absolutely wild. I’m also reading yet another David Sedaris book, this one is made up of diary entries and the early ones don’t quite have the wit and ingenuity of Sedaris’ regular storytelling. But I’m persevering!

Planning a quiet weekend. I am spent and it’s only Wednesday!

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2 Responses to Lately

  1. And Sweet Digs on Refinery 29! I love to read about tiny, expensive, New York apartments that nobody cooks in

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