Wedding chat: what would you do differently?

Loving the dance floor at my friend Bec’s wedding

Andy and I are in the process of planning our wedding. Exciting stuff! We are trying to prioritise what’s important to us (food, drinks, music, photos… oh and someone to do the legal bit) and not sweat any of the small stuff. So far this is working out well except for when I embarked on a bizarre hour-long search for table runners in which I almost justified $350 to hire some before snapping to my senses and backing away from my computer. I can think of about five million better things to spend $350 on.

There are so many blogs that have lists of things people would do differently if they had their wedding again (including picking a different person to marry!) and I’m sure the aforementioned table runners would fall into this category had I taken the plunge and hired them. A few months ago I took to my Instagram stories and asked people two questions:

Firstly, how much did your wedding cost? And, what would you do differently?

The feedback was immense. People love talking about weddings. As you would expect, the answers to the first question ranged wildly from about $1000 to $100,000 depending on how recently the wedding was.

Unsurprisingly, the answers to the second question were mostly experience-based in that people wish they’d spent more time with their guests or bridesmaids or partner, that they’d invited fewer people or even eloped. No one ever wishes they’d shelled out more clams on flowers or candles. Some people did say that for ease they wished they’d hired a venue that came with things like tables, chairs and cutlery included.

The overwhelming response though, was that people wished they’d hired a videographer to capture their nuptials. You get so caught up in everything happening on the day, they wrote, that they wished they’d had a video to watch it all back again. A close second was people wishing they’d hired a better photographer or not given the responsibility of taking photos to their aunt’s neighbour’s son, a keen amateur skateboarding photographer.

What do you think? Is there anything you would change if you had a wedding do-over?

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2 Responses to Wedding chat: what would you do differently?

  1. Lauren says:

    For the things that didn’t matter as much to be I found up and coming new to the business people. I found a great stylist who was a new Mum who had just opened her business. Very cheap and offered to provide her with my professional photo’s for her to use. I did the same with my florist, hair and make-up as well.

    I got the videographer and am so glad I did. Watching it back is still a little cringy (who likes seeing themselves on TV?) but I love seeing my little girls watching it and I am glad we will have it for life.

    I regret allowing my Father in Law to speak. Even though we said 5 minutes he went for 19 minutes and spoke about absolute crap that had nothing to do with my husband and I. So I would just say keep them short and sweet and meaningful!.

    I was all about the food but less about being stuck in a chair. So I had a heap of canapés, sit down main meal and then a dessert buffet. Worked really well for us.

    • Bec says:

      Sounds like an awesome wedding Lauren! Ughhh long irrelevant speeches are the worst, you almost need to start playing music over the top of them like at the Oscars!

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