Margot – 8 weeks

My sister Sarah and brother-in-law Nady welcomed their daughter Margot into the world the day after my birthday. Another Leo in the family! I can’t possibly describe the joy she has brought to all our lives or how wonderful becoming an aunt has been. It’s such a unique feeling to welcome a brand new person into the family, for years it’s been new partners which is excellent, but this time it’s someone we’ve eagerly anticipated for months and we get to slowly discover and learn more about every day.

At 8-weeks old, Margot has just returned home to the other side of the world. My father, Andy and I saw them and 90kg of luggage off at the airport. It was a really tough farewell. But we squeezed in as much family time as possible while they were here and I’m super grateful to have had them home in Melbourne for so long.

The next time I see Margot she will be 6-months-old. So here’s a snapshot at 8-weeks.

Margot, you arrived late on a Monday night.

For a week you didn’t have a name and for some reason that drove me crazy!

At the moment you are a master feeder and a wonderful sleeper, your parents are so lucky.

You started smiling at about 6-weeks and so from then on we all made it our mission to see your beautiful toothless grin.

You love hearing singing, humming and miscellaneous mouth noises. Your dad is especially good at the latter. I’ll never forget your parents and I humming endlessly like Gregorian monks to calm you down in the car. I hummed until my brain buzzed inside my skull.

Your mum and I have also sung endless Disney songs at you, along with ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark and ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations swapping out ‘my girl’ for ‘Margot’.

Hugo the spoodle is a big fan of yours and from day one was interested in this new tiny being in the house. Your cries would put him on high alert.

It’s fun to find words that rhyme with your name. So far we’ve come up with Chicago, Mar-a-lago, embargo, cargo and Fargo

You love movement, like being pushed in the pram (particularly over bumps and the edge where the floorboards meet the carpet), being held and swayed, being swung in the car seat.

You have a wonderfully expressive face and a great little brow furrow. You have beautiful chubby cheeks and a pointy little chin.

When you’re unwrapped from your swaddle you do an amazing yoga routine of little stretches, reaching your arms far above your head.

You have an uncanny sense of timing and manage to cry-out the moment your mum takes her first bite of a meal.

Having you fall asleep on my chest is the greatest feeling in the world.

You were born in the cold Melbourne winter and were often wrapped in a blue and white wool blanket spun and knitted by your great-grandmother.

Your grandfather has bought you every piece of infant merchandise available from the Carlton Football Club and hopefully you’ll see them win one day.

You got your first passport at 6 weeks, it took three adults to calm you, prop you up and capture your little face for the photo. No doubt the first of many passports over the course of your life.

You slept an incredible 8-hours on the plan from Melbourne to Abu-Dhabi. In the check-in line at the airport we met twin girls named June and Margot who asked if they could touch you before prodding your feet and gently poking your chin.

You are so incredibly loved by every member of your family. I can’t wait to see you in February.

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