Winter Weekend: Mount Hotham

Winding our way up to Mt Hotham it quickly became clear we were in a very different snow situation compared with Falls Creek the previous day. Snow was falling, the wind was howling and visibility wasn’t great. I was excited!


But also driving very cautiously…

We stopped to take a photo of the Hotham sign and my phone said it was -4 degrees. Not sure how accurate that is but it certainly felt below freezing. And hard to keep one’s eyes open…

Didn’t even need chains, thanks All Wheel Drive, whatever you are!

We drove through Hotham to Dinner Plain where the weather was much nicer.

But much less snowy, so we bought a Hotham resort pass online and headed back for lunch.

The view was great!

The food, pretty average.

Back outside conditions were still frigid.

I braved the cold in a bizarre small-down-jacket-over-a-large-wool-coat outfit:

With proper shoes and socks on! Who’d have thought my hiking boots would ever come in handy again?! We found a protected slope perfect for busting out the free toboggans we had been given.

My beanie is one of Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer, they raise much needed funds for research to find a cure for the horrendous disease that is brain cancer.

Sadly, I lost our toboggan race.

Andy built a snowman (I didn’t have waterproof gloves on!) and I photographed it as if I’d helped:


Andy tried a toboggan/snowboard hybrid sport:

It ended as well as you can imagine:

We finished our afternoon with a snowy walk:


Walking in a winter wonderland

And then began the somewhat tedious drive home.

A magical day.

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