An outrageously Australian degustation dinner

Last night a delightful team called Fervor hosted the second of two pop-up degustation dinners in Kalgoorlie. They are travelling around regional Western Australia putting on dinners using incredible local produce and so far have been to Albany, Esperance and Kalgoorlie. They head to Mukinbudin next and finish in Exmouth.

As their facebook says: “this unique dining experience will showcase fresh local produce, carefully crafted with skill and technique, each dish served as flavourable and unforgettable as the next”. Unforgettable is definitely the right word.

The location:

Fervor 007

Was at the lookout at the wonderfully scenic Karlkurla Bushland Park. I rarely get to enjoy Karlkurla’s beauty as I’m usually too busy dragging myself around a track, trying to run and breathe and not swear out loud at the same time. Our evening started by watching the sunset and sipping triple distilled Albany gin with tonic and finger lime.

The company:

Fervor 003

I went with my friends Lauren and Dave. There were about 30 people all up. Or maybe 40? I’m terrible at counting crowds. We were joined by other friends we didn’t know were coming, which was nice.

Even the smog from the nearby roaster looked pretty:

Fervor 004

Fervor 008

The first thing we ate was crispy saltbush:

Fervor 009

It was the most delicious lightly fried bush twig I’ve ever had the pleasure to consume. Amazingly salty.

While at the lookout we also had pepperberry kangaroo biltong with bush tomato chutney, raw marron with finger lime and sea salt gel, poached Albany oyster with finger lime vinaigrette and fried seaweed crackers with seaweed salt and powdered seaweed. Seaweeeeeed.

Fervor 016

Fervor 014

When the sun dipped below the trees we took our seats and started the ‘official’ courses.

Fervor 019

The food:

We started with raw Esperance scallop, fermented riberries and juice with sea celery oil:

Fervor 020

The sea celery oil was amazing. Lauren savoured hers for about 15 minutes:

Fervor 024

Chefs prepping the next course:

Fervor 028

Which was Yallingup Marron, lemon myrtle emulsion with handmade sea salt on bark:

Fervor 031

We were encouraged to ‘drag’ the marron through the lemon myrtle and then the salt. It was delicious amazing tasty scrumptious. I’m going to have to get a thesaurus out soon…

Next came local crab with brown butter emulsion, sea blight (a coastal plant), samphire (another edible coastal plant), lilly pillies (also known as Australian cherries) and toast:

Fervor 033

I think this was my favourite of the savoury courses.

Fervor 038

Fervor 039

Karlkurla (also known as silky pear) with buttermilk and macadamia nut oil:

Fervor 054

This was the ‘most Kalgoorlie’ of all the courses. The name ‘Kalgoorlie’ is derived from the word Karlkurla which is the local Indigenous word for silky pear. It is obviously also the name of the park we were eating in. It was tasty, but by no means one of my favourites.

The main course (is there a ‘main course’ in a degustation dinner?!) was kangaroo tail with wild rosella puree, red gum ash, macadamias and crispy salt bush leaves:

Fervor 058

Which came with potatos, onion, damper and delicious smoked butter. The damper was so good.

Fervor 056

For a palate cleanser before dessert we had eucalyptus ice:

Fervor 063

This is coal toasted meringue, preserved quandongs, quangong kernel cream, quandong relish with quandong sherbert. Quandong is a local desert fruit.

Fervor 070

A hot coal was pushed into each meringue leaving a delicious crispy top. How did the coal not stick?! Magic.

Fervor 074

The meringue was delicious and having just joked about deranged and over-dedicated geologists who like to lick rocks we took it upon ourselves to lick every last skerrick of dessert off our rock ‘plates’. It was worth it.

Fervor 075

Lining up the jars for milk and honey with seaweed, wattleseed and sandalwood smoke.

Fervor 082

All the ingredients were in the jars and then they injected the smoke and snapped the lids shut to keep it in there.

Fervor 092

It was a six hand job:

Fervor 101

Upon opening the jar the remaining whisps of smoke sneak out leaving you with a deliciously creamy and smokey flavour. This might have been the most delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted.

Fervor 107

We then had some bush tea, which was literally hot water poured onto leaves. Not sure what the leaves were but it was tasty.

Fervor 113

Then came cinnamon myrtle truffles and fabulously sour charred desert limes:

Fervor 115

And marshmallows to finish off with:

Fervor 120

It was in all regards an absolutely incredible evening. The Fervor team did an amazing job and were really friendly and happy to chat about how they were prepping the food (and didn’t mind everyone going crazy taking photos, which I appreciate). They mentioned they might be back again, fingers crossed.

There was a shuttle bus to take everyone back through the park to the entrance but my company insisted we hike through the darkened bush. And so we did, singing Eric Clapton and Fleetwood Mac at the top of our lungs. No doubt to the delight of people in nearby homes.

Fervor 125

Thanks Fervor.

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9 Responses to An outrageously Australian degustation dinner

  1. Lauren says:

    Best. Night. Ever.

  2. Paul says:

    you betcha. One out of the box. Everybody left laughing and happy. Never seen this at a restaurant before. And the staff were crisp, professional, friendly, passionate and discreet. Wow. Fervor rocks

  3. alifemoment says:

    Great dinner, very elegant restaurant, lucky you!!!! 🙂

  4. WOW what a phenomenal experience!! All those dishes look like stunning works of art – let alone being incredibly tasty at the same time 🙂
    I really really need to come back to Oz to try out more of your food
    x x

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