‘I was here’ and other things on YouTube that make me cry

I was here, and not at the Beyonce concert in Melbourne when my Facebook and Instagram feeds were clogging hard with fabulous photos from the Mrs Carter Show. I don’t go to many concerts, not because I don’t enjoy joining thousands of sweaty strangers clutching overpriced drinks on a tennis court, but because I’m terrible at thinking ahead and purchasing tickets for a show months away. I like instant gratification and can’t fathom spending $150 on something I won’t enjoy soon.

Anyway, as jealousy and sadness crept through my veins I found this YouTube video of Beyonce singing ‘I was here’ at the UN World Humanitarian Day last year. I watched it once, and cried (I do cry very easily, thanks Mum). And then I watched it about 30 more times. Then I made other people watch it. One cried, one got goosebumps, one welled up on a tram.

I’m listening to it as I type this. Just watch it.

Beyonce has to be the most talented woman that is living and has ever lived. As the saying goes: always be yourself, unless you can be Beyonce, then always be Beyonce. Also, I feel suddenly compelled to seek out a job at the UN after watching this.

Anyway, other videos sure to spring a tear from my eye include The Best Surprise Military Homecomings: PART ONE. I’ve never made it to part two. Dogs welcoming their owners home from deployment is even higher on the onion scale for inducing tears. Partings and reunions kill me. I couldn’t watch the trailer for The Impossible without crying, so obviously I’ve never attempted to watch the movie.

Today my coworker Daisy sent me this video of kids at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock singing Roar by Katy Perry, UGH. Emotions. Thank god I keep tissues at my desk.

And finally, the ultimate tear extractor has to be this. Who would have thought the words “he can’t see without his glasses” could cause so many red eyes and splotchy faces.

And on that happy note, have a great weekend! 

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