You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

I am referring, of course, to the hearing in my right ear which since disappearing a week ago, is showing no signs of clocking back in for duty. Lazy.

Tonight I was at a committee meeting for my local theatre club (yes I’m on the committee, because it’s cool that’s why) and I was sitting next to SJ who coincidentally can’t hear from her right ear as well, so she could hear me from her left ear, but I couldn’t hear her responses. It was like the most frustrating game of Chinese whispers ever.

So long story short I’ve been doing a lot of meaningless smiling and nodding of late. Not being able to hear and working in radio is about as good a combination as cous cous and sultanas (ie confusing and generally disgusting).

In other news, check out my delicious breakfast from this morning:


Frozen berries, fresh strawberries and natural Greek yoghurt. The food of Gods. Speaking of Godly consumables:


Last night Bec and I farewelled our friend Bros who is off to Europe for a month. Needless to say we are insanely jealous. So we popped a cork or two and danced to our songs which go off at Gold Bar at 2am on a Sunday morning but are slightly less hilarious/awesome at 6:30pm on a Wednesday night. But we made it work, I have the Snap Chat to prove it (or I did have it, before it self destructed, as is the nature of Snap Chats).

Bec wore her new riding helmet (we were polishing off a bottle of Grandin leftover from Race Round, so I guess it was theme appropriate):


After drinks Bros went home to pack, Bec went to mixed netball (hello short straw) and I went out for dinner at Danny’s Italian. Unlike most overpriced, disappointing eateries in this town, Danny’s was amazing! I had bruschetta, gnocchi and half a slice of cheesecake. And I didn’t feel at all guilty about it.

I am positively revelling in the spare time I have at the moment by not going to the gym in the evenings. It is such a delight to get home and not move. I’m only doing this because I’m not yet feeling 100% and a full day at work really knocks the wind out of me. But I suspect I’ll be back to it next week. Lame. I have another beach holiday coming up in November (hello Bali!) and really don’t need to be the sluggiest slug by the pool.

Happy Friday everyone!

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2 Responses to You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

  1. Lauren says:

    Committee meetings are awesome. Mainly because I’m there, with my dad jokes. Which are awesome.

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