It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Years from now, I think will look back on my mid-twenties as being simultaneously the most capable and inept period of my life.

Some days I feel grown up; I’ve paid a bill on time or remembered to take out and bring in my washing on the same day. You know, just generally winning at life. Other days I’m bracing for the moment a vital amenity gets shut off because the bill has been misplaced. Or I can’t empty the kitchen bin because it was bent out of shape during an improv drumming session at the last party. Or we have to sit under blinding light in the dining room because the light fitting was smashed during a game of ‘throw the celery’.

Last Tuesday I went to work, did the food shopping, did a Spin class at the gym followed by Body Balance, came home, ate dinner, did a load of washing AND baked a cake.

All the while my bedroom looked like squatters had taken over:


It actually looked like thieves had trashed the place. My bed had come apart at the foot and required simple reassembly with glue. But rather than get onto the task promptly, I dragged my mattress to the floor and dabbled with ‘crack den chic’ interior design for over two weeks.

Twenties are a confusing time. On one hand you tick a bunch of boxes: educated, employed, can use the oven without Mum or Dad’s help. But on the other you have a bunch of responsibilities but no maturity, barely any rational thought or capacity to think ahead. What a dangerous combination.

My fellow 20-somethings, here are some ways to identify if adulthood still eludes you:

1. You frequently encounter smells in and around your house so pungent your eyes water, but can’t identify the source
2. You play chicken with your housemates when it comes to chores, whoever cracks first cleans (and loses)
3. You don’t buy toilet paper until all the tissues and paper towel in your house are gone (you may even steal napkins from restaurants)
4. You have no idea if you have roadside assistance, or perhaps even car insurance
5. You still use your student ID at the movies, artfully covering the expiry date with your thumb when you show the cashier
6. You have considered stapling or sticky-taping a dropped hem on your only proper work skirt/trousers
7. Free morning tea at a meeting is the best thing to happen all week, or month
8. You kept the box your fridge came in for months with the hopes of building an amazing fort (that never happened)
9. In one night you break multiple responsible drinking rules you set for yourself, like not mixing alcohol and drinking a glass of water between each drink
10. Going out the night before work/a family function/early flight still seems like a perfectly reasonable idea.

Are you an adult? How do you know? When did it happen?

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11 Responses to It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh Bec, I can relate to this on so many levels. It really is a weird age! Sometimes I think I’ve got this adult thing sorted but other times…not so much. For example, last night I was so proud of myself for cooking pumpkin soup on a week night (seems like an achievement because it takes more time..) but then I managed to spill it all down my shirt. P.S I think we have the same bed! Ikea? I have a perpetual problem with those slats falling down!

    • Bec says:

      Yes it’s from Ikea! Hemnes? Or something along those lines… I fixed my bed and slept in it for the first time again on Monday night, I felt strangely far off the ground!

  2. SmartAssy says:

    The whole moving your mattress instead of fixing the bed straight off is totally something I would do. Sometimes I pat myself on the back for little things like taking out the trash before it starts smelling or remembering to pay my water bill, but really, there are a million other things I’m forgetting. I’ll call myself a work in progress and leave it at that!

  3. Raluca says:

    3. You don’t buy toilet paper until all the tissues and paper towel in your house are gone (you may even steal napkins from restaurants). –> was seriously contemplating stealing toiled paper from work, luckily my flatmate bought some!!

  4. lotdeux says:

    Viva paper towel is the best, im almost 30, and at least 8 of those things happen regularly, no signs of becoming a grown up yet …. maybe when i find out what is causing that repugnant eye watering gag inducing odour coming from the fridge … maybe thats when i become an adult. perpertual peter pan syndrome / laziness tells me, the only way out is to never open the fridge again / and or/ buy a new one and make said fort from packing box. yeeha!

    • Bec says:

      But Viva is expensive! Maybe that’s the difference between being almost 25 and almost 30, I’m still cheap! Also can we talk for a minute about how you’re on WordPress now?! Welcome!!

      • lotdeux says:

        Yes i have made the change – its like being woken in the middle of the night and not having power and your stubbing your toe on everything and cant find a light – this is crazy, but the more i use it (ahem just started today) the easier and better its getting? i think, dont quote me!

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