Winter Weekend 2

We arrived back at the house with enough food and drink to sink a battleship. The mini golfers were set up at the table playing cards. Bec, having sorely lost that afternoon, was regretting the ‘I had fun at Esperance mini golf sticker’ on her lapel. I took comfort in my decision to walk along the beach instead of play the wretched game. We cracked some sparkling wine, snacked and played cards.

Things got quite animated.





Elly dutifully began on the curry and after a few drinks (rookie error) I got started on the dhal… Which led to said dhal burning to the bottom of the pan giving the entire dish a burnt smoky edge. Awkward.


With dinner out of the way Claire, Bec and I decided it was margarita time.


Painstakingly squeezed a heap of limes and lemons.





Around about now is when things started to get a bit stupid. Deciding our industrial strength margaritas weren’t enough we did a bunch of shots, threw on our party dresses and headed to Esperance’s classiest (and only) nightclub, the Snake Pit.

Ridiculous frivolities ensued. And I paid for it the next day. Hard.

By about 3pm some colour had returned to my cheeks and we headed on a day trip to Cape Le Grand National Park.


Another super cool YOLO pic on the beach…








That night we devoured pizzas (especially me, having not eaten all day) played the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus board game, an amazing op shop purchase.

After a questionable lunch the next day (the Esperance Tea Rooms are really not worth a visit) we headed back up the road to Kalgoorlie.

Killer weekend.

As you can see from the comments Jordan said he wished someone had captured the disaster that was the house the morning after our huge night. Because this blog is REAL LYF SH*T and don’t sugarcoat NUTHIN’ (did you see that photo of my bedroom?!) your wish is my command:


Thankfully I photograph EVERYTHING. This doesn’t even show just how bad it really was….

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2 Responses to Winter Weekend 2

  1. Jordan Cutts says:

    So killa! Reading this was like re-living it. I wish someone had documented the city of squalla we woke up to on Sunday morning.

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