Winter Weekend 1

Last weekend The Crew and I headed to Esperance for a blustery winter weekend of beach walks with pink cheeks, roasting marshmallows on an open fire and swilling red wine over intelligent conversation.

We arrived late on Friday night, stoked up the fire and got cracking on the red wine and other beverages. For some members of the group who had spent the whole of May without booze, midnight could not come soon enough. Cue the late night run to the kebab store for doner and hot chips.

The next morning we pooled our efforts and cooked an incredible breakfast. Bros was on bacon and sausages. Claire did mushrooms. Cuttsy did avo and tomatoes and I did eggs, in a muffin tray.



Eggs in the muffin tray. The best most quick way to cook eggs en masse.



After breakfast we split into two groups; the beach walkers and the mini golfers. Having resolved years ago never to partake in an activity that involves trying to get small balls into small holes (pool tables make my skin crawl) I joined the beach walkers.


A bit of horse play in front of a rock that has appeared many times on this blog.

For some reason we thought this was a really great idea:


YOLO! (you only live once)




Kadn likes to pretend he is a Backstreet Boy:





My I have some good looking friends. After the beach we went to the supie (I seem to be abbreviating everything at the moment?) and filled our trolley to the brim with ingredients for an epic Indian feast. More to come.

How was your weekend? If you’re in WA as well it was loooong like mine. Bless.

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3 Responses to Winter Weekend 1

  1. Raluca says:

    That breakfast you had looks amazing!!!

  2. lotdeux says:

    seriously bec, those eggs and mushrooms, i am salivating! what a perfectly executed weekend! i too hate minigolf and pool. ill always be the one in the corner elbow deep in a bag of burger rings – small balls in small holes does not interest me!

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