DIY leather bow necklace


This is by far the quickest, easiest DIY I’ve completed. I made it a while ago but forgot to post the photos in the craziness of the last few weeks. So while I’m currently tucked up on the couch with the dreaded lurgy, I thought I would share it with y’all.

1. You will need some scrap leather, I used leftovers from the hem of a skirt I took up.
2. First cut a rectangle out of the leather, mine is approximately 14 x 10cm
3. Cinch the middle of the rectangle until you get your desired bow shape.
4. Wrap some thread around the middle to hold the shape.
5. Cut a small piece of leather to cover the thread, I cut approx 1.5cm x 5cm.
6.Using hot glue, fix the small piece of leather in place. Voila! You now have a bow. At this point you could attach it to a bobby pin, headband or a bangle, but I’m going to add a chain to made a necklace.

Glue the ends of the chain to each side of the bow, I didn’t measure the chain, I just made it long enough to slip on over my (sizeable) head.

Isn’t it cute? I’m going to make smaller bows and turn them into hair pins (…one day).

Let me know what you think.

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9 Responses to DIY leather bow necklace

  1. Kdidds says:

    love it!!!!!

  2. Vala says:

    beautiful, I love it! you are so good with these DIY things.. something I would never do.

  3. reddolls says:

    very cool! jaz 🙂

  4. hotty says:

    Really nice.I shuld try this

  5. Telliann says:

    Love this idea . excellent .

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