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Hello One and All!

How lazy I have been since arriving home in Melbourne almost one week ago. Perhaps not lazy, but perhaps too busy basking in the joy of being surrounded by loved ones to tend to my dear blog? (Side note: I have no idea why I am writing like a character from Pride and Prejudice?!).

Anyway, here are some photos of what I’ve been up to.
I flew in last Friday about half an hour after my friend Claire arrived from Sydney (clever, non?!). That night we were joined by more friends for drinks before heading back to Tarn’s house to stay – a huge thank you to Tarn and her housemates for having us! The next day we attended my school friend Andie’s wedding. To say I was on the verge of bursting from happiness the entire day is a gross understatement. Andie wore not one, but three stunning dresses. The entire ceremony was in both English and Mandarin (it was like being at the Olympics!) and everything – the food, reception, table centre pieces, band, cake, dancing everything! – was perfect. Andie and her new husband just looked so, so happy and I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon in Thailand at the moment.

Pretty wedding outfits.

 A bridal swing dance.

By Monday morning Claire and I were completely spent, having not been to bed before 2am since arriving. We had breakfast on Chapel Street followed by lunch in the city with Sophie (a fellow Vienna exchange student) and Tarn.

We also got photo booth pics done. Obviously we didn’t know when the first shot was going to be taken…
Next I headed to country Victoria to hang out with my Mum. I got to meet her new dog Charlie (looking very serious in the photo above) and new kitten that we named Benson. I don’t have a photo of Benny in focus yet because he can’t sit still.

 Mum and I headed to Melbourne yesterday to see old friends (like family to us). We had delicious Yum Cha for lunch and as usual, ruined the paper table cloth.

We also went to an op shop in Preston where I had ridiculous success. I bought the floral blazer above as well as an amazing vintage Hawaiian print dress, a great suede and leather cropped blazer and a beautiful blue shirt dress. Earlier in the week I scored a Victoria Maine suit dress, a silk coral shirt and a belt for $19. I love Melbourne op shops.

I head back to Melbourne tomorrow for more fun (including a trip to the football and brunch at St Ali) before the dreaded flight home on Sunday night.

Also on my mind are; my new job (I start on Monday, cue nerves) and off-shore processing, due to be passed in the Senate tonight.  While I can’t stand the thought of sending asylum seekers to tents in Nauru or on Manus Island for an undetermined period of time to be ‘processed’ , I’m all for stopping deaths at sea. I believe Australia’s attitude to asylum seekers is disgusting and fundamentally wrong. This gets me down a lot. But more on that another time.

Happy Friday xx

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4 Responses to Instagram Update

  1. Kdidds says:

    check out the mythbuster sheet on this website…

  2. Andi Yu says:

    hi Bec, I was just browsing through your blog, as I do sometimes (I like to see how you’re going, nothing weird!) and came across this post. Thank you for the lovely things you said, I’m glad you enjoyed the day. Judging by the pics from your recent weekend away, I’m gathering you’re doing pretty well these days. Let me know when you’re next in Melb, it’d be nice to catch up. Love Andi

    • Bec says:

      Hello dear Avis! So lovely to hear from you. Your wedding was a beautiful day, thank you so much for inviting me. I will definitely contact you when i’m next in Melbourne (I don’t have any trips planned just at the moment) xx

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