Bucket Lists

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bucket Lists lately, which I admit is more than a little morbid. Putting aside my genuine affection for lists of all kinds, there is something so romantic and deliciously systematic about a Bucket List that I can tick off as life rolls along (the ticking off is the BEST part). And should I not finish my list, a loved one can carry out the remaining items in my honour which would make a delightfully predictable rom-com. Jessica Alba would play me. Any woman over 50 would be played by Diane Keaton.

I digress. The irritating thing about my Bucket List is that I can’t think of anything to put on it. Which, as I tweeted this morning, either means I have lived a ridiculously fulfilling 24 years or that I have no soul. The former probably holds more truth.

I consulted Pinterest to help with my Bucket List.  The results ranged from hilarious to completely inane. Some ideas I had already done:

Some were amusing:

Some were bizarre:

Huh? I don’t even… Why? Is this a thing from The Notebook?

And some were plain boring:

Who on earth gets to the end of their life and says “Remember the day I finished an entire bottle of OPI Big Apple Red? Those were some good times…”?!.

I think it might be possible to have something on your Bucket List that you never knew was there. For example, when I went to Italy in 2010 I suddenly realised that I had wanted to go since I was little. I fondly recalled cutting out pictures of the Colosseum and Pisa from travel brochures and begging my Mum to take me to Pizza By the Meter on Lygon Street. After I left Italy I felt a deep sense of satisfaction, which is either indicative of how much gelato I ate or of the fact I had finally carried out I long held wish.

Sticking with the theme of travel, there are a few things I can put on my list:

  • See Machu Picchu
  • See the Pyramids
  • Live in Manhattan (failing that, Brooklyn will do)
  • Go to all the Disney Lands/Worlds

My list probably needs some padding out with meaningful things such as ‘Be called Mum’ and ‘kiss in the rain’… Ugh, this is harder than I thought. I think the only definitive thing I can put on my Bucket List list is :

  • Write a Bucket List

Wish me luck! Do you have a Bucket List? What’s on it? Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to Bucket Lists

  1. reddolls says:

    When I was in high school we traveled from Kalgoorlie to Perth and stayed at Pickering Brook while we were competing in the inter school cross country. We had to catch some taxi’s back to Pickering Brook and after jumping in the second taxi I yelled “follow that cab!” I thought it was hilarious and was stoked I actually got to say it in context, pity no one else thought it was amusing!

  2. Kacie says:

    It should be hard for you… bucket lists are terrible concepts, a list of things we must do before we die? How can anyone put an end point on their happiness and life satisfaction? We should always be hungry for more.

    Having said that, the number one item on my bucket list would be to obtain a never ending amount of money… now who is the one with no soul ha ha

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