Blogging from the beach

Hello friends and lovers,

I am coming to you from a banana lounge on Banje Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Benny the waiter just handed me my second strawberry daiquiri as waves lap the pebbled shore at my toes. If I wasn’t me, I hate me.

Much like Venice, Dubrovnik’s charm is interrupted only by the pensioner cruise set, who clog the city walls with their fanny packs and visors. Like the Atlantic City of the Adriatic, if you will. One can find solace on the city walls (those steps aren’t hip replacement-friendly) or on the beaches.

If the weather wasn’t due to turn on the day we leave I’m almost certain my seat on EasyJet’s 10:30am flight London Stanstead would be empty.

Never want to go home.


A self indulgent blogger


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2 Responses to Blogging from the beach

  1. She's Sonic says:

    You’re lucky I like you otherwise, yes I’d hate you…!! I want to go to Croatia one day soon. I’m glad to hear its as beautiful as I imagine. xx

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