Fun photo editing apps for Macbooks

Image Tricks Lite

Collage Maker

So I have pretty limited experience with Illustrator and Photoshop. And while I am working full-time and studying full-time I have neither the time nor inclination to self-teach myself these programs. In the meantime I’ve found some easy and fun apps for Macbook to jazz up my photos.

The first one is Image Tricks Lite which lets you do fun things with the colour and shape, my favourite function is kaleidoscope (as you can see above). There’s not a heck load of functions but seeing as it’s a free app, it’s good value.

The second one is Collage Maker which set me back $5.49 and is my new obsession. Fairly self explanatory, it allows you to create heaps of different kinds of collages. Fun and many lost hours ensue.

The third one I tried out was Skitch which I see absolutely no use for if your laptop has a screen shot function. Waste of time. Also free.

Hopefully these will tide me over until I sit down and learn the real photo editing programs (what’s a vector?!) xx

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2 Responses to Fun photo editing apps for Macbooks

  1. Sweet, thanks for that.

    Was looking for a review on a Mac collage thingy!

  2. Bec says:

    No worries, I still use collage maker all the time. Even just to watermark my images. Enjoy!

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