Vintage Stores & Markets: My Top 10 World Wide Picks

In no particular order:

Stella Dallas, 218 Thompson Street (near Bleecker), NYC

2 Malin Landaeus, 155 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY

3 Stella Dallas Living, 281 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY

4 10ft Single by Stella Dallas, 285 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY

Spitalfields Market, London

Camden Stables Market, London

7 Plac Nowy Market, Jewish Quarter, Krakow

Waterlooplein Market, Amsterdam

9 Floh Markt, Vienna

10 Camberwell Market, Melbourne
I lived in Melbourne for 23 years and never took a photo. Such is life.

I love nothing more than fossicking through vintage and second hand markets while travelling. Whether you made a special trip there (like all the ones in NYC) or just stumbled across it in your explorations (like the on in Krakow) there is so much treasure- and a whole lot of crap, to behold.

Any to add to the list?

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1 Response to Vintage Stores & Markets: My Top 10 World Wide Picks

  1. Rania says:

    Can’t believe Sassy Sues didnt warrant a mention – if not purely for being a remote outback vintage boutique punching way above it’s weight, then at least for the Spanish green arms! The arms Rebecca!

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