I’ve been bad…

So we all know we’re not technically meant to stream movies and television shows online. But honestly, we all do it and I can’t wait another year for an Australian network to pick this one up… Revenge. My friend Rania introduced me to Revenge and only 4 episodes in I am 100% addicted. An adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, Revenge is like a dark well-acted Gossip Girl (Eric van der Woodsen even has a role, literally).

It follows the story of Emily Thorn (aka Amanda) returning to the Hamptons to follow a trail map of revenge against those who framed her father and destroyed her family. Each episode is formulaic, with Thorn crossing-off one wealthy wrong-doer at the end of each episode, each week getting closer to her big fish Victoria Greyson. She pulls off her pursuits in a spectacularly devastating manner- the married politician’s pregnant mistress suddenly showing up at a campaign dinner, the therapist’s confidential sessions with clients aired at a mother-daughter benefit. It is delicious watching it all unfold.

So I don’t condone illegal activity but um, you’re going to want to get in on this one early.

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