Paper Thin Fashion

When you were young, did anyone (probably a Great Aunt or childless friend of your mothers’) ever give you a book of paper dolls that were pretty to look at but fell to pieces if you tried to do anything with them? These are kind of a grown-up version.

Paper Dolls is a free exhibition of paper shift dresses at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne. Most of the dresses date from the 1960’s and designs range from promotional- the Campbell’s Soup dress (1968) was an advertising gimmick, to political- the Nixon presidential campaign dress (1967), to postage- the Airmail Dress (1999) can be written on and folded into an envelope.

Again, fun to look at but you probably don’t want to try this at home. Paper isn’t known for its warmth, comfort, strength or water-proof qualities. Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘disposable fashion’ though.

The Paper Dresses Fashion Exhibition continues in the Chadstone Luxury Precinct until Sunday June 5.

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1 Response to Paper Thin Fashion

  1. sarah says:

    they should give you something similar when you go into hospital for a procedure. I feel like I would have enjoyed having my wisdom teeth out so much more if I had been wearing Andy Warhol.

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