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Bolivian Salt Flats: lagoons, flamingoes and geysers

After knocking off the Salt Flats on the first day of our Salt Flats tour, what on earth could the remaining three days hold?! Lots of crazy coloured lagoons, striking pink flamingoes, steaming geysers and desert style landscape. In short, … Continue reading

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The Bolivian Salt Flats

We started our Bolivian Salt Flats tour exactly one month ago. While I’m not ecstatic to be so far behind in blogging my travels, having that break in between taking and uploading these photos has given me a new appreciation … Continue reading

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Facing fears: Bolivia’s Death Road

In between leaving Kalgoorlie and leaving for this amazing trip I spent three weeks at home in Melbourne catching up with family and friends. During that small three week window, a terrifying video did the rounds on tv and online … Continue reading

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The animals we saw in the Bolivian Amazon

Well that was a much longer break than I expected! Apologies. I blame a combination of terrible Bolivian wifi and two weeks living out of a camper van. But I’m back! A little while ago we did a trip to the … Continue reading

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Eating for $5 a day in La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is utter mayhem. Throngs of people darting along skinny pavements dodging noisy cars, market stalls, buses, pollution and dogs everywhere. Oh and food. There are street vendors every few steps selling everything from ice cream, jellies, juices, curious … Continue reading

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Copacabana, Bolivia

Well, hello! It certainly has been a while. I’ve finally found a Bolivian wifi connection that is partly decent! I can’t believe it either. I have been able to use the My Bloggable Day facebook page far more frequently to … Continue reading

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