Packing for my holiday

I’ve got sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a rain coat, a swimsuit, and a Panama hat that will inevitably end up squished. I’ve got leg coverings in all forms including long leggings, short leggings, shorts, culottes and trousers. I’ve got white tops and I’ve got black tops. Do I need two kinds of runners and hiking boots? Do I need more dresses? Is six pairs of novelty oversized earrings too many?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself all week as I pack for my East African adventure. We fly out on Friday! How do you decide what to pack for vacations?

Check out my 8 essential items for long term travel and 10 tips for looking good while travelling.

Illustration by Mari Andrew

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4 Responses to Packing for my holiday

  1. Eric Kentor says:

    Have a GREAT time and be safe. Visiting with close family members that live far away is fantastic (hoping the Dolan family members feel the same way). I don’t want to forget to mention… Have a GREAT time.

  2. Claire Dearle says:

    When we were in Africa we found buffs / bandanas / anything that covered your head handy to have because the kids freaked at the sight of our hair!! These are the things you need to consider now that you’re blonde 😉

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