Hiking Angels Landing at Zion National Park


The start of the hike on the canyon floor


About halfway along the trail

At the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I’ve come a really long way with hiking (pun unintended). Considering I cried actual tears on our first 3 hikes in America because I was hating life so much and was wearing shoes a couple of sizes too small, hiking a strenuous trail with a smile on my face the entire time is a vast improvement… I can’t believe I just admitted I cried, don’t hold it against me! Thank goodness for large sunglasses.

We recently completed my favourite hike to date: Angels Landing at Zion National Park. The trail had come highly recommended to us and having a small fear of heights it was a challenge I really wanted to conquer.

The last mile of the trail involves ascending a narrow ridge while clinging to a chain and trying to avoid a 1000ft sheer drop on either side. That section comes with this delightful warning:


What does that say?

Let’s go in for a closer look shall we?


I’m sorry, what?!

I was fully expecting to get halfway up the ridge and stop, but to my astonishment, I wasn’t scared at all. I think because you are quite distracted by climbing and people traffic.


Taking a quick rest halfway up the ridge


Don’t look down!

We got to the top and it was well worth it, to say the very least. To one direction, you have this view:




And to the other direction, you can see pretty much through the entire canyon:



It’s not quite as narrow at the top but there is a kind of scary slant:



We hung out for a while, had some snacks and then began our descent:



Going down was far worse than going up because you’re forced to look down. But we made it!


The start of the chain

I honestly never knew hiking could be so fun. I’ve converted. Drunk the Kool Aid.

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3 Responses to Hiking Angels Landing at Zion National Park

  1. Donny says:

    Loved that hike. I got to hang my hammock at the top too! Check it out 🙂

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