Looking at this map we really drove through the guts of Idaho. The drive from Wyoming was pretty interesting, partly because we passed Craters of the Moon National Park but also because we were listening to the World War Z audio book, so I was deep in thought about the zombie apocalypse. As you do.

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 4.39.51 PM

We spent our first night in a sweet small town called Bellevue where a stray cat tried to join our road trip. We then drove on to the Sun Valley, where celebs go to ski in the winter apparently, and then to the Sawtooth Valley.


Looking into the Sawtooth Valley

We stopped in Stanley, because a woman we met in Bend, Oregon, had recommended it. We will literally take travel tips from anyone, qualified or unqualified! It often works in our favour.

Stanley has a population of 68. It grows in the summer with people coming to raft and fly fish in the Salmon River. The town itself is all quaint timber buildings and is very picturesque:


Some shack by the road

We took a day white water rafting trip which was kind of a splurge for us, but well worth it. Kicking off from the Elk Creek launch we went over class II and III rapids. Given it was late July the rapids weren’t crazy or anything like The River Wilda movie whose trailer succeeded in scaring me senseless as a child. Ok I just looked it up and that movie is set on the Salmon River! Glad I didn’t know that before…

I only took a few, very average, photos on my GoPro (stay tuned for the video!):



Andrew was enjoying himself, despite his face here

There were plenty of Deliverance jokes and duelling banjos singing.


The other people in our raft included a woman and three teenage boys from California. Nothing like hanging out with teenagers to make you appreciate being in your 20s!

The lunch provided by the rafting company was insanely good. Pulled pork burgers, mac and cheese and salad followed with cobbler. There are no photos because I only had the GoPro with me.

The trip also involved jumping from a rock into the water, video here. Note my embarrassingly dramatic scream.

That evening we watched the sunset from the only pub in Stanley. They had apple ale on tap which is the only thing I’ve managed to find in the States that resembles cider. It was delicious. What they call cider here is weirdly flat and very sweet. Such a great day.


We headed to Idaho’s state capital, Boise, to stay with Andrew’s friends Ben and Aurore, who used to live in Kalgoorlie. I don’t have a heap of photos from Boise because we spent a lot of time relaxing and revelling in not camping. It was just what we needed.

Ben insisted we try chicken fried steak, an American breakfast delicacy.

image1 (4)

Fried chicken with gravy, scrambled eggs and a hash brown

It was pretty damn good!

Andrew and I spent the next day exploring downtown.

image2 (3)

image3 (2)

All state capitol buildings in the US are designed just like the capitol in Washington DC:

image4 (2)

I can’t decide if it’s weird or if it makes sense. Just near the capitol we discovered Guru Donuts:

image5 (2)

Key Lime Pie and Girl Scout Cookie

The day we arrived Ben and Aurore adopted a gorgeous black labrador cross puppy and called her Vindi. She was so sweet natured and gorgeous I wanted to steal her.


She probably looks a bit glum in that photo because she could smell our dinner on the bbq (vegetarians avert your eyes):


Yes and yes. 

To further our American food education Ben made the most amazing ribs I’ve ever had.


Ribs and Rose! Classy

The meat just fell off the bone. And straight into my mouth, incidentally.


Andrew and I were in charge of the slaw which involved combining cabbage and a jar of sauce. Amateurs.



Juicy barbecued corn

While in Boise we saw the new Ant Man movie, which I thought I would hate, but I actually loved it! Peter Russo from House of Cards makes an excellent villain.

That’s it for Idaho! From there we drove to Salt Lake City, which obviously I have already blogged about. Such confusion. Hope you are well!

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7 Responses to Idaho

  1. Bec J. H. says:

    Sounds great, and those donuts look amazing! I think visiting friends while travelling is a recipe for a great time – you get to relax and appreciate the place you’re visiting as a local. Before I read this I knew nothing about Idaho other than the fact it was a state in America, so thanks for enlightening me!

    • Bec says:

      You are welcome, thanks so much for reading! Yeah we were so relaxed by the end it was kind of hard to get our act together and leave. But we did!

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I always get serious food envy reading your blog posts! Keep enjoying yourself and don’t stop with the food pics xx

  3. AnnaJ says:

    Hi I have nominated you for the Liebster award.

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