Hopetoun for the weekend

We spent the long weekend just gone down in Hopetoun, on WA’s south coast. After completing our heroic hike up Mt Barren (see previous post), we went back to the house and did not much of anything really. The boys went fishing and brought home a feast:


Well, not really. Luckily we had plans to go to the pub that night!


Having heard the surf and turf was all that I went ahead and ordered it.


It was pretty good! Certainly better than the one I had in Exmouth, but also not the ‘rare’ I had ordered. You win some, you lose some. At least the prawns were great. The boys had ice cream sundaes and I had desert envy.


So I ordered myself a sundae and Andrew a slice of Oreo cheesecake. It was pretty bland (I don’t feel bad saying that, because it clearly was not made onsite), and nothing on my version.


Feeling rather full and jolly we went back to the house and sat around the fire.


Biz, hot contender for the most eccentric dog in the world, was mesmerised:


Apparently she just loves fire. And champagne corks, and bacon. Oh and bubbles.

After falling asleep in a rather unflattering way on a beanbag I dragged myself off to bed.

The next morning we were greeted with blue skies:


So we postponed breakfast and headed down to the beach post haste to engage in all manner of seaside activities.


Such as chasing after escapee dogs:


Lolling around in the water:


And digging:


Adorably, Robbie’s three-year-old son tried to save a dried out piece of cuttlefish by throwing it back in the water. Maybe it lived? Definitely not.



When stomachs started growling we walked back to the house to fly the breakfast flag.


The United States of Breakfast.

The plan had been to return to the beach, but the weather took a nasty turn and we were obviously tuckered out from eating.

So Dave and Emily moved the couches under cover and we took shelter there.



Dave, Emily, Robbie

Dave had instructed us to bring a variety of beers we’d never tasted before, so a beer sampling session commenced.


Obama Honey Ale is brewed locally at Beaten Track Brewery. It’s Obama’s home brew recipe that he once tweeted.


A few cheeses? Why not?


Some strawberry daiquiris? Sure!


After a while we decided that despite the weather, some fishing was in order. So we braved the pouring rain and went down to the beach.


Can you believe it’s the same beach from the morning?!



Unfortunately I have the attention span of a small child, so promptly gave up after some mean fish took off with my bait. But more dedicated anglers stuck to it and brought home entree:


A pile of delicious battered herring (and one garfish). Yum.

For dinner we had a BBQ followed by real American smores (apparently they must comprise of Hershey’s chocolate and Graham crackers), made by a real American.




The next and final morning we decided we hadn’t possibly consumed enough food already… Also we needed something sweet to counteract a long drive back to Kalgoorlie.

The solution? Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! Robbie dutifully made an epic stack of pancakes with his amazing recipe using brown sugar and cinnamon. I most procure it from him.


Try not to drool.


What a delightful pair.

So. Good.


In a pancake haze we packed the cars and hit the road for an uneventful ride home.

Such a great weekend. I’m jealous of you east coasters who still have the long weekend ahead of you, enjoy it! West Australians, how did you spend it?

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4 Responses to Hopetoun for the weekend

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Ah more bacon. Great photos again. My favourite is the photo of the dog mesmerised by the fire. I like the one with the dog on the couch staring at the camera. Its really enjoyable seeing people having fun as opposed to all the down stuff going on these days. Good on you all.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. All of that food looked delicious but I’m especially partial to the all american s’mores 😉

    • Bec says:

      It was funny, Dave told Robbie (the American) that he had the ingredients to make s’mores. Robbie said “no you don’t” and his face when he learnt there were Graham Crackers and Hershey’s chocolate was priceless.

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