Summer on the salt lake


I’m at that point with summer when I can’t even remember what it’s like to be properly cold. My coats hang like foreign instruments of torture in a cupboard. The tap water at home never quite reaches cold and blow drying my hair after 6:30am is out of the question.

Last week we really pushed the boundaries of stupidity by heading out to Lake Ballard (a large salt lake) where the temperature was sitting at about 46 degrees (that’s 114.8 fahrenheit).

We last visited in June, wearing beanies and heavy jackets and boots. Winter is the recommended time to visit Lake Ballard in order to avoid sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion and flies. We only spent a very short time out of the air conditioned car but it was amazing to see the contrast between winter on the salt lake and summer. (If you’re wondering about the weird, alien-like sculptures see my original post here.)

For starters it’s a lot more white.


It’s almost cruel in a way, you look like you could be surrounded by frost or light snow. But really the heat has knocked air out of your lungs.


Retreating back to the car you start to lose the white and hit red dirt again, far more appropriate for the weather.


Bye Lake Ballard.


Bring on winter.


From my Instagram account @mybloggableday


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12 Responses to Summer on the salt lake

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    The “stick” figures look like a Drysdale painting. Amazing

    • Bec says:

      They are very creepy at dusk Patrick. Like aliens.

      • Patrick Caruana says:

        Yet so uniquely Australian. I mean we are a bit quirky with our art at times. How old are they. On looking at them again I wonder if they were inspired by Drysdale. Great photos. To be able to concentrate in such an oppressive atmosphere to take those photos is an awesome effort. I’d have melted.

      • Bec says:

        Renowned British sculpture artist Antony Gormley created the 51 pieces in 2003 by reducing body scans of people living in Menzies by two thirds and casting them in steel. Thanks!

      • Patrick Caruana says:

        Thanks Bec, I’m going to google him, you’ve piqued my interest in him.

  2. Thoughts of summer are so wonderful to me right now 🙂 it’s gorgeous there!

    • Bec says:

      It would be better if we weren’t 400km (or 250 miles from the nearest beach)! Let’s swap?

      • Lol… Well… I am an hour from the beach, but I think if you’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest you would be sooo disappointed. I lived at the beach for years. The ocean is freezing year round, and it’s warm enough to lay out maybe 10 days a year. It’s really just there for beauty.

  3. Jess Carey says:

    God you’re brave!!! I hope you didn’t suffer too much – the photos turned out beautifully if that’s any consolation!

  4. Oh Hey! Blog says:

    I could never …. in that heat!!!! You are very brave. When it gets that hot the air just leaves my lungs. I don’t know how you do it

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