Very nice lemon slice


When I was a kid I used to munch on lemons as though they were oranges and as though acid tooth decay wasn’t a thing. 15-20 years later it seems the lemons didn’t have much of an impact on my teeth (At 26 I only just had my first ever filling!) but I still love sour and tarte foods. Well I love all foods. And that includes the sour and tarte variety. And the sugary variety.

On Saturday I made Phoodie’s lemon slice and gave half of it to a friend and kept half of it for myself. Call me stupid but I was pretty shocked to discover the thick white icing is just sugar with a tiny amount of lemon juice and butter thrown in. Four cups of sugar! No wonder it’s so delicious.

Perfect with a cup of tea.


Have you seen my marshmallow, pretzel, peanut butter and chocolate slice yet?

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4 Responses to Very nice lemon slice

  1. Jess says:

    Ohh lemon slice… not much better! Now I’m craving some with a cuppa!!

  2. Lauren C-H says:

    So delicious! Thank you! I only have one piece left because Dave keeps stealing it. 😦 I will need to make some and hide it from him…

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