A book launch and a French night at Fossick

Exciting news folks! Local shop/gallery/workshops venue/all round amazing crafty place Fossick Handmade put the call out for recipes for their Crafternoon Tea book in October and it’s here:


Beautifully designed by Paula Fletcher, it has tips on hosting a Crafternoon tea as well as delightful recipes for sandwiches, cakes, scones, slices, you name it.


And guess what?!


Two of my recipes are in there!


Just call me Nigella

I’m pretty stoked! Can finally add ‘celebrity chef’ and ‘author’ to my resume.

The book was launched at Fossick’s VIP night, which was themed ‘A night in Paris’. I was pretty excited to see peonies:


I have never seen a peony in the Goldfields!


We nibbled.


And sipped Kir Royales.


I admired Paula and Carly’s berets and dedication to colour coordintion:


And then Kate appeared, a vision in leopard print, with a plate of pain au chocolats:


Two children and I stalked her and gobbled them up.


I talked to lots of lovely people.


And then, after downing my fill of brie, it was time to go.


Another shot of the peonies

I did better than last year’s VIP night and actually managed to buy some presents for other people. Crafternoon Tea books for everyone!


A slightly smaller replica of the Eiffel Tower

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Painful? Stay strong.

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3 Responses to A book launch and a French night at Fossick

  1. courtalkek says:

    Pain au chocolat AND Brie?! Sounds like a perfect night! Congrats on being published!

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