I made a self indulgent video of our time in Bali

Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly blog once more about Bali…

I’m always filming little snippets here and there, with the grand plan of editing it into a neat little video I can watch when I’m old and frail. To remember when my skin was at premium elasticity. Mostly these snippets sit dormant in my camera forever, but not this time. I actually followed through:

Such a masterpiece! I think the reason this one actually reached fruition is because I edited a little bit each day as it got filmed, instead of waiting until the end. So that’s my tip to you if you want to make a video, not that you asked for it. Do you make home movies?

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6 Responses to I made a self indulgent video of our time in Bali

  1. Love this! I am so bad at putting them all together. Nice to see you did it, it turned out great 😉

    • Bec says:

      Thanks Megan! I’d like to say this will motivate me to make movies with all the footage I have hoarded but let’s be honest… It probably won’t!

  2. Patrick Caruana says:

    This is terrific, reminds me of the old super 8 holiday films my Dad would make for us back in the 70’s. I need to know one thing. The name of the song and the artist, its terrific. Oh and there was a split second flash of a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, I heartily commend your very good taste. The best gin on the planet.

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