Friday Lunch

I never go out for lunch during the week. Mostly due to stinginess, laziness and a general lack of decent lunch options near work. Lunch is usually a microwaved soup or toastie eaten at my desk or at the table at the back of the office, so it’s really nice to head out occasionally and forget about work for half an hour or so. Even if it’s just at the local pub.

Seeing as yesterday was the last working day for 2013, it seemed right to involve wine as well. Bec must have smiled nicely at the bartender because check out her her glass (on the left) compared to mine:

Friday Lunch 001

Cheeky! Yeah I’d be smiling too…

Friday Lunch 003

Already in holiday eating mode, I opted for the BLT burger with chicken and a side of delicious salty fries (some of which I traded for wine).

Friday Lunch 002

I deconstructed and destroyed it.

Friday Lunch 005

Friday Lunch 004

Friday Lunch 006

Ahhhh. We ate and chatted about big things and small things, about life and nothing. What a year, here’s hoping 2014 is better than anything we’ve already seen. And that it involves more Friday lunches.

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2 Responses to Friday Lunch

  1. Kaz says:

    Hi 🙂 I stumbled across your blog from a link on Mamamia and am loving it. I think I read about 20 posts last night in the small hours while feeding my bub! You have a wonderful writing style.

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