Retro pool party

Some people think that I get quite involved in theme parties. These people have not met my friends Ellenmary and Flash. Last year Ellenmary called me on the day of my Halloween party to enquire about the width of my front door just in case her full size Dalek* costume wouldn’t fit through. This year, Ellenmary and Flash came to my Winter Wonderland party as arctic explorers with faces so severely frost bitten, people had to look away. My skin would be crawling with jealousy at their commitment if I wasn’t so in awe. (* It’s a Dr Who thing)

Anyway, not long ago I received an invitation in the mail to Flash and Ellenmary’s retro pool party, that’s right, a paper invitation. So classy. I’d already been one upped.



So last Saturday I donned my most retro high-waisted bikini (much to the dislike of my boyfriend) and headed over to the party with a plate of watermelon.


I don’t even know what a Hepcat is but I LOVE it.



There were pink lawn flamingos and hula girls and pineapples and all of the retro pool party things. Most importantly there were Pina Coladas:


At one point I was drinking a Pina Colada and the song Escape (If you like Pina Coladas) came on, fulfilling a life-long dream of mine to be both listening to said song and drinking said drink AT THE SAME TIME. (no I’m not into yoga, thanks for asking)


SQUAWK! Dave won the most appropriately dressed male award, the one I made up just then in my head.




The only thing I enjoy more than Pina Coladas is more Pina Coladas:


There were also delicious daiquiris but I drank mine in the pool and hence didn’t have my camera on me. Around this time some talented Hepcats and Kittens got up to entertain us with a little skit. Ellenmary sung the Hula Hana from Dirty Dancing and was accompanied by a ukelele. I was somewhat chastised for not knowing the song and for my general lack of knowledge of Dirty Dancing, but Ellenmary was excellent! Far better than the train wreck singer in the actual movie.


After this pork and lamb that had been slow roasting for the better part of the day were brought out along with crusty bread rolls and hot gravy. Oh baby. I overdid the gravy and ended up spilling it down the front of my bikini, heh.

With full tummies it was time to get some photos.


Recognise that photo?! Yep, it’s the same one from the invitation. SHUT. UP.


Amazing. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with making one of those! All too soon it was time to leave to go to someone’s work BBQ (read: not mine). To say I was devastated is putting it lightly and I think Lauren’s face in this photo perfectly captures how I felt as I was leaving:


Sad. Anyway, thanks for having me! It sure was swell; the company, food, drinks, entertainment, errything. Can’t wait for next year.

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2 Responses to Retro pool party

  1. Flash says:

    Sums up the day perfectly

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