More Bali places I loved

La Plancha

Thanks to Claire and Mike for this recommendation. La Plancha is a tapas bar set on the beach at Legian. Beware of imitation bars that have set up the same parasol/beanbag look to try and snare your business.


Doesn’t it look adorable? I recommend the mojito jug.


And the croquettes.


And that adorable French boys come and chat to your in their delightful broken English (sadly not pictured).


Merah Putih

I think I’m going to go ahead and say that this was my favourite out of all the restaurants we tried. Firstly, check out the inside:


That is some class right there. Apparently when it rains, water rushes in through those white columns creating some kind of dramatic water feature. It wasn’t raining when I went there on my date with Elly though.


Mmmm Amaretto Sour. For entree we had this amazing boneless duck:


As well as crispy lobster slippers and amazing raw yellowfin tuna, which was plenty, we really didn’t need a main. But we got one! Balinese Wagyu beef curry with potato chilli and quail eggs:


Terrible photo. It was delicious, but we barely made a dent in it. I couldn’t bring myself to try a quail egg. If you do go to Merah Putih don’t deny yourself a trip to the bathroom, it’s amazing!

Motel Mexicola

Another recommendation from Claire, this place is completely adorable. You could almost be in Mexico! Maybe. I really have no idea, I’ve never been to Mexico.



Margarita and guac.



The taco innards were delicious but something kind of strange was going on with the tortillas. The texture or something was off? Maybe that’s just the difference between corn and flour tortillas, I don’t know. I had the pork, battered fish and chicken (why did I order chicken?! boring) tacos. The quesadillas were great.



“She’s the Queen B, the star. Those other two are just her little workers” – Damian, Mean Girls

That quote is how I feel about Sarong. It is beautiful inside. The food is great and people love the place, but does Sarong love the people? I don’t know. The hosts were very odd when Elly and I dropped in to make a booking and service was a tad sketchy, although that could have just been because we were in a smaller room to the side, perhaps the wait staff forgot about us? Those things aside, it was a very pleasant dining experience.

The cuisine is mostly Indian, I had lamb korma. Again we over-ordered but they let us take home our leftovers (!!!!) which were delicious the next day.


Pretty orchids.


EatWell Bali

We stumbled across EatWell for lunch on one of our shopping days. Its menu features meats, lots of delicious MEATZ. I wish I had ordered a steak, but I ordered a panini and it turned out to be bloody incredible.


Elly had grilled chicken.


We shared a serve of fries. And then ordered another serve. Completely unnecessary.


Sea Circus

I’ll save you from more bad grainy iPhone photos of food. We went to Sea Circus on our last night. Bec and I had tacos, Elly had some kind of fish. They have delicious non alcoholic granitas which was perfect because by this point we were all strictly dry (ha! defeated). This was the only night we managed to eat dessert after a concerted effort not to order entrees. Elly and Bec both had the brownie with ice cream and I had a banofee parfait. They won. The brownie was amazing.


And that’s it! Looking back at all that food I’m starting to understand why my jeans are feeling a tad snug… Oh well. Also, Bec and I had a nice lunch at a place called Townhouse in Seminyak. Try the macaroni! And you must go to Un’s in Kuta. The frozen margaritas are amazing and only $3. Ok, now I’m done.

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