Winter Wonderland Party

Capping off what has been a rather dense period of themed parties, last Saturday night I celebrated my 25th birthday with a Winter Wonderland party. My original plan was an Apres Ski party, but being so far from snow fields out here in the desert I thought that might be too challenging.

I baked a snow man cake with a little help from Betty Crocker (I was feeling pretty lazy), some Oreos and a carrot. Looks pretty cute right?


I bought my Mrs Claus outfit from here and channelled this scene from Mean Girls. Sources tell me that I may have tortured treated my guests to my own five renditions of the dance later in the evening… Luckily I didn’t kick the stereo into anyone’s face ala Gretchen Wieners.


This snowman pop is a classic Pinterest fail. Click here to see what it should look like.


These cupcakes were also inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and were delicious.


Pretty much everyone agreed that the best costume came in the shape of a Swedish hot tub, constructed and worn by my friend Lauren. She also blew bubbles for ambience.


How creepy do all the people in ski masks behind me look in this photo:


As usual everyone made such an effort with the costumes, which I really appreciate. We had the Jamaican bobsled team, snow men and women, an ice queen, snowboarders and many others. Bec and Elly won the prize for the most confusing costumes of anyone at the party. Bec, a candy cane, was repeatedly mistaken for Raggedy Anne and people thought Elly, a snowman with a questionable carrot nose, was a penguin.

It was a fantastic night. After Nautical Nonsense, 90s, Childhood Heroes and Winter Wonderland (all in the last 6 weeks) I think I’ll put away the costumes for a bit and just be myself. My old, almost 30 year old self.

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2 Responses to Winter Wonderland Party

  1. Hannah says:

    You guys and your costume parties! Seriously impressive. Happy birthday lovely gal x

  2. smahns says:

    I nom’ed you for my “Versatile Blogger Award” babb!
    Love your stuff 😉 x

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