Perth eats

Some of my Kalgoorlie based Perth friends like to accuse me of hating Perth. I don’t hate Perth! It’s just hard to see its uniqueness when people describe great new restaurants and bars as ‘very Melbourne‘. Why not just go to Melbourne then? Where my loved ones are. It also doesn’t help that a trip to Perth inevitably involves a one hour flight at the cost of $400 or a seven hour train ride akin to taking a stroll through the fiery depths of hell.

Anyway. These are some food snaps from my most recent trip.

perth eats 001

No word of a lie the Gordon Street Garage has been described to me by someone as ‘very Melbourne’. It was very cool. And the coffee was great.

Exhumed 002

The food was ok. No Proud Mary though.

Exhumed 001

For lunch we went to Madrid in Claremont. The reviews on Urban Spoon are fairly average but apparently a new chef helped whip things into shape back in March. I thought it was tasty.

Exhumed 004

Jordan getting his fork into pork belly and scallops so fast it’s just a blur.

Exhumed 005

From memory this was a braised lamb mini taco. It was delicious.

Exhumed 003

And this was a baked cannellini bean thing. Also tasty. Sure it was a bit pricey for what it was but that’s the same story for everywhere in Perth. Not very Melbourne at all!

I’m feeling a bit homesick because a few friends are off to Melbourne. I just paid $650 to change my flights home from Samoa to go via Melbourne in October. So I’ll get my fix soon.

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1 Response to Perth eats

  1. frenchadele says:

    I’m sure Melbourne is missing your fabulousness also.

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