Under the sea

I have been saving this Zara dress that I bought while I was away (in Ljubljana no less) to wear to my friends wedding next month. It’s not exactly what I would call Melbourne winter friendly, but I love the ocean graphic and the simple cut. And so I will happily freeze through the hanging-around-out-the-front-of-the-church-for-no-reason part of the day because that is what good Melbournians do. I will also wear a blazer.

After the wedding I will no doubt add this bad-boy to my sad collection of once-worn dresses earmarked for an outing to the races. I will actually wear it to the races though. Promise.

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8 Responses to Under the sea

  1. Zoe says:

    This is gorgeous! I’m doing the same with a Sara Phillips dress, although I don’t have any weddings coming up.. Races sounds like a good excuse to wear it!

  2. AVH says:

    Could it be my wedding that you’re going to wear it to by any chance?! Its lovely! Looking forward to seeing you Bec xxx

    • Bec says:

      It certainly is your wedding Andie! Yours is the only one I’m attending next month in Melbourne. Can’t wait to see you and your dress! xx

  3. AVH says:

    OOps I just realised my name doesn’t give away who I am… its Andie 🙂

  4. yawnie says:

    I’ve never been able to bring myself to shop at Zara’s (yet I shop at Nordstrom). lol. I love the print and it even looks silky-soft. If you have wonderful clothes like this that you aren’t going to wear again you should consider doing a blog sale (because I would totally snatch this right up).

  5. S says:

    I have been dyyyyyying for that dress. I love it!
    BOO Zara, come to Perth already! (Although the stock will probably be from 1870….. but better than nothing hey?)

    Steph xx


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