Travel Thursdays: Arizona

Gosh darn it. I started my ‘Travel Tuesday’ segment last week but then failed to post this week due to pre-exam cloudiness. So this week it’s Travel Thursday before recommencing regular programming this week. I give you…… Arizona.

Crossing into Arizona after having been in California for two weeks, I finally felt like I was in America (no offence to Cal, I just found it overwhelming similar to east coast Australia). Driving along iconic Route 66, hiking the Grand Canyon, snacking on BBQ pulled pork burgers and shakes, drinking Texas Margaritas on the banks of the Colorado River, exploring Antelope Canyon and driving through Monument Valley a la Paul Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider just felt so right. A definite highlight on the USA 2010 tour.

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1 Response to Travel Thursdays: Arizona

  1. Jill Brewin says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I loved your 10 things you thought you would love and didn’t! I find your travelogue veryprovocative, you know I don’t need much urging to decide I must see some place. xxx Your admiring Grandmother Jill

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