Melbourne Street Art

I often take for granted the extensive street art to be discovered in Melbourne’s lane ways. But this year I’ve had many out-of-towners visit and marvel at its beauty and legality. So here are some of my favourite spots; Hosier Lane and Union Lane.

This week I’ve been to the Melbourne International Film Festival (saw  Terri), State of Design Festival and the football (GO BLUES). I love this city! Always so much on. This weekend is Melbourne Open House which means 75 amazing buildings old and new are open to the public for a sneaky peak. I went to London Open House last year and it was fantastic. I really wanted to go this weekend, but alas, I am away. If you partake let me know how it went.

July is nearly over which means the end of Dry July! If you haven’t donated yet to help those living with cancer do so here. All donations are hugely appreciated.

Bec x

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2 Responses to Melbourne Street Art

  1. Ohhh I LOVE Melbourne street art, one of my favourite things about that city. Thanks for sharing these pics! Very cool 🙂

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