Kate and I at her Hen’s Party last Friday ❤

We are on the cusp of wedding season! I have four amazing weddings in the next month and I could not be more excited, particularly for my friend-since-high-school Kate’s Big Day feat. my debut role as Maid of Honour. What an honour! We celebrated Kate on a balmy Friday night with many cocktails and off-brand polaroids (see above).

Some things from around the internet I’ve been enjoying lately:

This article about sliding doors moments has one of the best comments section I’ve ever read

Why the best day of the week is definitely Thursday

How much money this fashion blogger makes and what she spends in a week

I watched three episodes of Modern Love, based on the New York Times column by the same name and it is excellent. Makes me yearn for NYC.

These Lizzo costumes win Halloween this year.

I started listening to this great podcast and I’m already hooked.

Apparently this colour clash is the thing for summer.

“I could care less” when you mean that you couldn’t care less and other misunderstood phrases. Mine is the mispronunciation of ‘pseudo’, a word I felt looked similar to ‘suede’ when I was young and hence why I used to say ‘sway-doh’ instead of ‘sue-doh’. Lol.

Have a great week xx

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